"Shoot him and cut out his tongue, then shoot his tongue! ...And trim that scraggly beard!" - Jack Sparrow


Jack's distinctive look was accented by dreadlocked dark brown hair and a goatee beard. His beard and mustache is a variation on "the anchor" style; which is a a beard without sideburns that extends along the jawline and is styled into a point [or points] and It is combined with a mustache that resembles an anchor. He also seems to have a perpetual sore on the right side of his chin next to his goatee that never seems to heal. Jack Sparrow also has several gold teeth [two of which belonged to Johnny Depp].

Each of Jack's beard extensions is adorned with two beads [gold and green on the left and gold and red on the right]. According to the Jack Sparrow novels, the first of these two beads on the right side, were given to him by Tia Dalma as a means of unlocking the eye of Stone-Eyed Sam. Jack braided these into his hair during a confrontation with the spirit of Hernán Cortés.

Johnny Depp wore his goatee in two braids. Initially wire was used in them, but that was later abandoned because the extensions stuck up when Depp lay down. Depp also wears kohl around his eyes, which was inspired by his study of nomads, whom he compared to pirates.


Fabricating a Beard and Mustache

Applying a Beard and Mustache

  • Liquid Gold is highly recommended for applying your hair extensions (but make sure you get the remover as well)

  • Another good and cheap applicator is Proclaim Adhesive (again, make sure you get the remover)

  • Professional hair pieces go on with Telesis 5 which is the ideal adhesive for laying hair goods. The matting agents are mixed intrinsically during the manufacturing process which ensures a fluid consistency so the adhesive never gets hard or cracks - it dries matte and stays matted. T 5 Matte adhesive is pliable and will move with your face. It is non-flammable, non-toxic and safer than spirit gums and other gum-based, flammable adhesives. This adhesive has been manufactured for professional use and there is a learning curve. To be effective, Telesis 5 Matte adhesive must be used with a Telesis Thinner, preferably Telesis 5 Thinner [Super-Solve].Some costumers suggest using liquid latex to hold the artificial hair in with your real hair.

  • Most full hair pieces go on with spirit gum. Here is Cinema Secrets guide to applying ventilated hair goods . Spirit gum can be purchased onlineor at any reputable costume or Halloween store.

  • Another prep idea before applying your hair products is to treat your face with Telesis top guard. This will create a barrier to protect the prosthetic lace from your sweat and to prevent it from breaking down during wear.

  • Mehron also sells a no sweat solution.

Eyes and Make-up

Gold/Silver Teeth

  • Strictly reserved for hard core Jack enthusiasts, the Gold teeth are generally hand made applications made by your dentist that cap over your existing teeth. Jack Sparrow has 4 gold teeth on top . Two side by side on the right side and one by itself 3 over to the left. He has 2 silver teeth on the bottom in the middle on either side of the middlemost tooth. (Tooth Map)

  • There are a few manufacturers of colored tooth enamel, Ben Nye makes "tooth color," Grimas makeup makes tooth enamel, and so does a company called Kryolan. Most of the times these products come off with alcohol or a toothbrush.

  • Some impersonators buy/fabricate indivisible teeth braces and then paint the teeth individually.

  • Halloween and Costume stores sell both fake gold "clip ons" and black "wash" that can be used to dirty up your teeth.

  • Companies like 14K Gold Teeth and Gold Teeth America will mail you a kit that can allow you to make a personalized set.

  • A cheap alternative would be to use the gold/silver foil that comes on Hershey kisses or gum and adhere them to your teeth with denture cream.

Dressing Tips

  • Make your eye liner very dark. Stage makeup is generally a tad over how much you'd think it would actually be, don't be afraid to push the envelope here.

  • Don't forget to dirty up your hands. Nobody likes a clean pirate.

Commandeering a Beard and Mustache


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