"You're off the edge of the map, mate. Here there be monsters." ~ Barbossa


Mao Kun Map

Technically through the movie At World's End, the Mao Kun map is always referred to as a "chart." According to legend the Mao Kun was kept safe in the temple of Sao Feng's uncle. The chart was eventually moved to Feng's bath house after William Turner tried to steal it for Hector Barbossa. But fortunately, during the Battle of Singapore, Will made a deal with Feng that procured Barbossa's crew and the chart which took them to the bizarre land of Davy Jone's locker.

The navigational chart prop was created for the movie by conceptual consultant James Ward Byrkit. Included in the chart are several mythological creatures, as well as a hidden Mickey (lower right quarter), and images of both Elizabeth Swann and Jack Sparrow (lower left quarter).


Jack spinning Ragetti's eye on the map - Jack's fingers on the map - Chart unrolled - Chart back with hole - Rolled map with Monkey - Rolled map with Barbossa - HI- RES - Boat detail - Full center dial - Full framed map - Map Flat - Full Map - Full Hi-Res Backside


Replica prop makers have taken hi-res photos of the chart and adhered it to bamboo slats or rolled blinds.

I'd read instructions on weathering documents as well to give it an authentic look.


The only truly reliable place to get your hands on a premade navigational chart would be to purchase one along with the toy compass. The chart included is "kid's sized" and adhered to a piece of rolled canvas.

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