"You mistrust me? Listen, you can mistrust him, trust me." ~ Jack Sparrow


A knotted and red striped sash is tied around Jack's waist where he stows his flintlock when not in use. After the entire costume was initially lost after filming COTBP, It became a nightmare for Penny Rose to track down the same makers of Jack Sparrow's sash in Turkey. And according to legend, Rose did not want to silkscreen a fake, since the original fabric had a more worn feel to it. However experts claim that the later sash pattern doesn't match from the first film.


  • Sash Tutorial
  • Depending on your size, you'll need about 16 feet of fabric to create Captain Jack's waist sash. Striped linen or cotton would be perfect. You can use an old bed sheet or curtain if you can commandeer one. The sash needs to wrap around the waist at least twice, over the shirt and waistcoat, and hang down to just below the knee, so be generous with the length.
  • A curtain once sold at IKEA labeled "Alvine Smal" happens to resemble the pattern found on Jack's sash from the first Pirates movie. Cut the curtain into two 11" strips, line up the pattern and sew them together to create a replica sash. (ITEM IS DISCONTINUED)
  • Fabric Carolinaas well as many other retailers will sell "close enough" patterns, but never seem to hit it exactly.
  • Captain Neon's Sash Weathing Video [you'll need sandpaper, blunt scissors, an awl and a wire brush]. As with all acquired fabric, wash several times before altering.
  • TK409 Boba Fett sash weathering tutorial.
  • You can also weather your sash using this photo of the screen used sash laid out.
  • You can also weather the sash using a tea bath. [see the shirt page for instructions on tea soaking]
  • Another weathering process is using watered down paint/leather dye and placing it in a spray bottle and applying in key areas.

Dressing Tips


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